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Metinee’s Secret is the only brand that will give you the essence of Lukkade’s lifestyle and beauty.


The Face Powder is a full coverage Powder.

The Eyes Instant Eye shadow just press, blend and go in less than 10 seconds

G.L.O. & R.E.N.U. is a beauty supplement that boosts overall beauty from inside out


Lukkade Metinee is a woman who has achieved many things in life. She began her career as a beauty queen, then a super model and actress and most recently a TV and industry mentor. These achievements require hard work and dedication and  you need to be in good physical and mental health which come from living a healthy, active lifestyle, having a good diet and choosing the right supplement products.


“ I want to share my secrets to a healthy and successful lifestyle which is the key to my success and can also help you achieve your goals.”


Metinee’s Secret is the only brand that gives you the true secret of Lukkade’s success.